The Phoenix Force has made its way back to Earth on a path of galactic destruction. The Avengers have discovered that the reason for the Phoenix’s return is to connect with its avatar Hope Summers.  Hope is living on the mutant island Utopia and mutants are few and far between . Cyclops doesn’t agree with the Avengers plan to take Hope off planet to guide the Phoenix Force away from Earth.

The twelve issue limited series crossover event Avengers Vs X-Men was led by a four issue series Avengers: X-Sanction and the zero issue of A vs X. One of many tie-ins, AVX: VS – or the “fight book” – shows the one-on-one fights between your favorites and mine. The creative team is Marvel’s usual headlining talent. The five writers contributing to the overall story are Jason Aaron, Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Jonathan Hickman, and Matt Fraction.

While some feel that this event has put too many X-Men in the Danger Room, I feel this is Marvel preparing for all of the new series that will come after AVX. This will give all creators at Marvel a spring board.

John Romita Jr.’s art is his standard level of performance. Adam Kubert and Olivier Coipel are neck and neck for the one of the best things about the series.  The script is a mixed bag of joy and unintended laughs, like in Round Two when Captain America’s has a WW II flashback and tells the Avengers to “Take the Beach,” or when Emma Frost punches Iron Man and it’s declared “the most expensive punch in history.”

The twelfth and final issue will be hitting the rack next week and, with all of this series’ strikes and gutters, I think it’s great – not only for Marvel, but for the fans as well. House of M happened in 2005 and Marvel is just now giving us closure. No matter what the ending to AVX is, it represents new beginnings for the Marvel universe.  You should  read this, even if you haven’t read a Marvel book in a while. It’s delightful to see all of the new costume designs for the characters and the character development in most of the well-known Marvel  characters.

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