Matt: Welcome to the very first Answer of the Week! Each week, Joe – the official Lords of Discipline LLC Secretary – posts the question of the week on our Facebook and Twitter feeds and we read your answers on the show. We had been using a segment of the show to give our answers, but no more! Starting this week, we are pleased to introduce our Web Exclusive, unedited, unscripted Answer of the Week audio blog where we give our in-depth and super-nerdy answers.

Make sure to check this space each week and cover the kiddies ears because, as previously stated, it’s completely unedited and off the cuff (and as we all know, Joe Patrick has a filthy mouth).

Joe: And now a message from reality… When Matt says “unedited,” what he really means is “uncensored.” He’s right that the normal bleeps that allow THN to keep its “Clean” status are missing, but Matt has edited some choice parts out of the conversation. Specifically, the NUMEROUS times I had to correct his factual errors during our talk. Why did I mention Spider-Man’s friend Glory Grant for no reason? That was where Matt confused every single female member of the Spider-Man supporting cast. What was that weird audio hiccup during the Parallax question? That was where Matt said that Hal Jordan went crazy and destroyed Star City (which is Green ARROW’S home town, not GL’s BTW). Matt Baum: Continuity Expert, ladies and gentlemen…

This week’s Question: “How important is continuity to you as a reader” Are good stories enough or does everything have to fit into one neat, continuous package?”

THN Answer of the Week – 09/30/12