Fury MAX #6 (Marvel):
Garth Ennis continues to show why Fury is three steps above even the number one bad-@ss in the Marvel Universe. The Bay of Pigs has gone sour, and Fury and his crew are witness and victim to some insanely brutal torture methods, including a a terrifying swim with the fishes! A quote from the scene that will never leave your memory: “How is the poor f*ck still alive?” Gorlan Parlov somehow continues to get even more impressive on art.
Rating: BUY IT

The New Deadwardians #7 (Vertigo):
The case just got a whole lot more personal for Detective Suttle, who is trying to finish up an investigation when some shocking revelations come to light. If that wasn’t enough, it seems like the vampire detective will have to confront an evil foe while battling back hordes of zombies in the last issue of the series! Brilliant art that only suffers a smidge during action scenes, this has easily been one of my favorite miniseries of the year, but will have a tough sell to people tired of vampire or zombie stories. The twist in this issue might sour some readers who may see it as a twist for twist’s sake.
Rating: SKIM IT

Green Arrow #0 (DC):
Late pickup for me, but had to read Judd Winicks return to the character. Art is far from my favorite Freddie Williams II work I have seen, and the story seemed very stale and uninspired. Very disappointed in this zero issue.
Rating: LEAVE IT

Elephantmen #43 (Image):
An amazing long form comic, but in the short term it is hard to recommend to people, and this is no jumping on point. The story continues for large, anthropomorphic war creatures just trying to be transitioned into society. Chilling overtones of the daily struggles in the race, convict and gender equality issues make this book a much deeper read than you would expect in a book about hippos and rhinos. If flipping through this issue interests you, start at the beginning.
Rating: SKIM IT

I, Vampire #0 (DC)
Possibly my favorite zero issue from DC thus far! If you have been interested in checking this book out, this might be the place to do so. Very creepy and well thought out tale to tell the backstory of the main protagonist in the book, Andrew Bennett. Andrea Sorrentino has a hauntingly beautiful art style, and fits the dark and sinister tone of the book like a glove. Plus you can never go wrong with a Clayton Crain cover!
Rating:BUY IT

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