Bedlam #1 (Image)
Woah. This is going to be good. Art is incredible. The setup to this story leaves you yearning for more. I’m going to go curl up now and cry.

The Stars Below One-Shot (Monkeybrain)
A wonderfully little story about birds, the world, and seeking new heights & new discoveries. I loved this, the art is great. Cheap, fun, totally worth it.
Rating: BUY IT

City of the Dead #1 (Thrillbent)
I really liked Trekker back in the 90s and Ron Randall has been bringing back the character with new stories on his site and soon to be on Dark Horse. This comic is a collaboration with Karl Kesel and it’s FREE on Mark Waid’s Thrillbent site. Get it here, it’s great.
Rating: BUY GET IT

A + X #1 (Marvel)
Aren’t you tired of all these contrived tie-in’s and team ups? This wasn’t the worst I’ve ever read but the art, the dialogue and story didn’t do anything to make me want more.
Rating: LEAVE IT

Joe Kubert Presents #1 (DC)
My knowledge of Joe Kubert’s work is woefully lacking so I wanted to read this for the two selected stories of his in it. I found this to be a great first small collection of 4 stories, 2 by Kubert. I thought this was a good issue, but I don’t know if I’ll get more. It gave me enough incentive to get some Kubert collections though. The $4.99 price tag is too high for me to give it a buy it.
Rating: SKIM IT

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