Colder #1 (Dark Horse)
I’m not sure what’s happening yet in this book, but this first issue was CRAZY CAKES! I’m intrigued by the premise; I definitely want to see more. Art and coloring is solid, great looking book.

Deadpool #1 (Marvel)
I legitimately laughed out loud at least 5 times at this book. The art is fantastic, there are a couple of jokes that miss, but overall this was a fantastic issue. Far better than I expected.
Rating: BUY IT

Iron Man #1 (Marvel)
Greg Land draws a good Iron Man. The rest of his art, while the talent is there, isn’t for me. This took a lot away from the book for me. The story also doesn’t seem that new, more of a rehash of what we’ve seen before. I was expecting more.
Rating: LEAVE IT

Shadowman #1 (Valiant)
I gotta be honest, the original Shadowman series from the 90s wasn’t my favorite. This wasn’t 90s Shadowman. I actually want to see where this goes, what the power of the Shadowman and the evils he fights are and the secrets of his past revealed. Really strong first issue.
Rating: BUY IT

47 Ronin #1 (Dark Horse)
I am not a Samurai expert. Now that that is out of the way, I really enjoyed this. Sakai’s art is beautiful and perfect for this story. I found myself wanting to see this tale to the end.
Rating: BUY IT

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