Prophet #3 (1995)
Image Comics

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Stephen Platt

Gems in the Bin is a weekly column where I select a comic book from the $.25 bin at Fanfare Sports and Entertainment in Kalamazoo, Michigan for review. Will I strike gold or will I pay too much for an awful comic that should have been shredded? This week I am reviewing Prophet #3 by Image Comics.

When I pulled this comic book from the bin, I noticed the cover art was so totally outrageous that it had to be the work of one Rob Liefield. I was close, but it was Liefield who created the Prophet series.  I had to review the comic, because no decade in the comic book universe stinks like the 90s.

You know what I just said was totally correct. The 90s produced some very good comics, but when things were bad, they were 90s bad. Show me another decade that was as craptacular as the 90s. I dare you. No, I triple dog dare you!

I knew nothing about this character before I read this comic and discovered that Prophet was a man named John Prophet who was transformed into a superhuman by a Dr. Wells. Apparently, this Dr. Wells worked for some bad guy, so Wells had a change of heart and re-programmed Prophet into this soldier for God.You know who is a soldier? This guy. You know who else is also a soldier? This dude.

Prophet #3 was not enjoyable. I wasn’t compelled to turn the pages, which is a must for me as a comic book reader. I’m not going to give you a pity page turn.This is surprising because I have liked some of Chuck Dixon’s work in the past. There is something about the writing in Prophet that didn’t capture my attention.

The artwork by Stephen Platt was slick but I’m not one for the Rob Liefield style of artwork where people have muscles on top of muscles that shouldn’t have muscles on top of them in the first place. If you want a bad trip down 90s comic book lane then this is for you. The TDW has spoken.


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