FF #1 (Marvel)
I’m a big fan of Mike Allred’ art, Laura Allred’s coloring & a lot of Matt Fraction’s writing. This isn’t Hickman’s FF, it’s something different. It looks awesome, was a really fun read. I wasn’t disappointed at all.
Rating: BUY IT

Witch Doctor Malpractice #1 (Image)
Witch Doctor is so good! If you didn’t read the first series, get the trade. You can pick this up while you’re at it too; helps to have read the first series but you can start here too.
Rating: BUY IT

Talon #2 (DC)
I’m really enjoying this series. It’s different than any of the other DC books right now, the character is compelling and the story feels like it has weight to it. Art is fantastic too. You can start reading here and not be lost.

Ghost #2 (Dark Horse)
I gave this book one last issue before I made my decision, but I won’t be sticking with it. While there isn’t anything wrong with it, it doesn’t work for me. Noto’s art is great, but stiff and there is a lot of action in this book so it doesn’t feel right. The writing is solid but the characters don’t feel complete a lot of times.
Rating: SKIM IT

 My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #1 (IDW)
I’ve seen every episode of the TV show at least 3 times. What? Is that weird? My 2 year old son loves the show, I bought this *mostly to read with him. If you have young kids, or are a Brony you will love it.
Rating: B(rony)UY IT

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