Rom MeyersNailbiter #1 (Image)
Gory and compelling. I think this story has a lot of hooks that will make you want to read more.
Rating: BUY IT

New 52 Futures End #1 (DC)
I read this. It’s a comic book. Grifter shoots a child.
Rating: LEAVE IT                                                                       

Original Sin #1 (MARVEL)
Really like the writing, really hated the art. I want to see what happens next but I want it to look a lot better.
Rating: SKIM IT

Cyclops #1 (Marvel)
This book won me over in a big way. Love space, love the son and father dynamic. This has a lot of potential.
Rating: BUY IT

The Woods #1 (Boom)
When I first started reading this I thought I might not like it, by the end of the issue I couldn’t wait to read more.
Rating: BUY IT

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