Aaron (Hearts) RomSledgehammer 44 #01 (Dark Horse)
This sucked me in. Iron Man in WWII? Or Maybe Atomic Robo minus the humor? Not a ton to go on in this first issue, cool art, intriguing premise.
Rating: BUY IT

Age of Ultron #2 (Marvel)
We are getting into lots of talking heads panels in this issue, not a ton of action. Some stunning art though, and we’re getting (I think) some more of whats going on in this event? Either way I didn’t love it but it does make me want to read more.
Rating: SKIM IT

Buddy Cops #1 (Dark Horse)
This was hilarious. I shouldn’t have loved this as much as I did. Silly jokes, basic premise. Funny funny funny. Totally worth getting.
Rating: BUY IT

Wolverine #1 (Marvel)
I think if you are dying for a Wolverine standalone book you will be excited to have this series going. Personally I get enough Wolverine in pretty much every book out there so I’m not. This didn’t make me want more, but it’s good for the fans.
Rating: SKIM IT

Manhattan Projects #10 (Image)
If you haven’t been reading MP you are a fool. Regardless, pick this issue up, it can be read stand alone. Fill-in artist Ryan Browne does an amazing job.
Rating: BUY IT

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