Aaron (Hearts) RomThe Private Eye #01 (?)
How wonderful to have a comic written by Brian K. Vaughn with stunning at by Marcos Martin availabel for a “pay what you want price”! Check it out HERE! Even for free, it was great, I want to read more! I paid $4.
Rating: BUY IT

Mind MGMT #9 (Dark Horse)
You haven’t been reading this comic? Well now is the time. This is an OK jumping on point, after you read this issue you’ll be scrambling to get the trade and read it all!
Rating: BUY IT

Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Gray #1 (Image)
This was hilarious. I shouldn’t have loved this as much as I did. Silly jokes, basic premise. Funny funny funny. Totally worth getting.
Rating: BUY IT

Michael Avon Oeming’s Wild Rover #1 (One-Shot) (Dark Horse)
This is a raw, emotional one shot issue about addiction. The art is amazing (of course) and the story was really great. Dark and intense, Oemin really shines in this. The backup story is good, I swear I read it before somewhere before though, maybe Dark Horse Presents. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Definitely Dark Horse Presents)
Rating: BUY IT

Constantine #1 (DC)
With all the internet backlash over the canceling of Hellblazer I was tainted to not like this New 52 relaunch. The art is solid and the story grabbed me. I want to read more of this to my happy shock and amazement.
Rating: BUY IT

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