Ludicrous Speed ReviewsThe Goddamned #5 (Image)
I hope we get more of this series. It’s awesome and brutal.
Rating: BUY IT

A.D. #1 (Image)
I thought this was really interesting and great. There is a lot of non-sequential reading in this, I think it will be a turn off for a lot of people.
Rating: SKIM IT                                                                          

Empress #7 (Icon)
Great art, predictable story. I enjoyed it but it won’t blow your mind. I’d be happy to read more though.
Rating: SKIM IT

Star Wars #25 (Marvel)
Good finish to this story arc. Still, wedging in too much between the movies?
Rating: SKIM IT

Masked #1 (Titan)
I think this has been translated? I am interested in the story but it was hard to follow. I think I want to read more?
Rating: SKIM IT

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