Spidey 2099Kill me now…It’s the third panel in a row with no break: Marvel’s Superior Spider-Man! Refresh your browser update request updates!

Arune Singh, Tom Brevoort, and Ellie Pyle are back with Mark Waid, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Ryan Stegman, Chris Samnee, Declan Shalvey, and Nick Spencer. This is a killer panel line-up and the crowd hugely enthusiastic! Sorry, DC!

Arune gave a quick recap of the Superior story so far and is asking Stegman what is was like to be a part of it. Stegman (joking): “all the anger was aimed at Dan Slott, so…”

Ellie Pyle: next week’s issue will be HUGE. More on that later.

July is Superior Spider Month. Spidey will be dealing with “the Shadowland problem.”

SlottVideo message from Slott! Spider-Man 2099 is coming in September’s #17 with a killer cover by Olivier Coipel! Slott promises huge repercussions into the future.

Matt Baum is back on the live-tweeting and Humberto Ramos has joined the panel!

Brief mention of Superior Spider-Man Team Up. Ellie Pyle: if you liked Avenging Spider-Man you’ll love this.

Nick Spencer is talking about Superior Foes of Spider-Man. I can’t wait for this book!

Superior Carnage gets a brief mention as well…Not much new there.

Scarlet Spider is still going strong with a new costume by Chris Yost and Carlo Barberi.

Declan Shalvey is talking about Venom. His accent is AMAZING. Eddie Brock is coming back.

Fialkov is talking about Alpha and taking a character everyone hates and making him likable. Sorry, I still kind of hate him.

HUGE applause for Chris Samnee. Samnee calls Waid “the best collaborator I’ve ever had.” I love these dudes.

The biggest difference between these panels and DC’s is that Marvel’s are full of creators that speak passionately about their work while DC’s are full of editors that say essentially nothing.

Ellie Pyle touches briefly on Fearless Defenders. New costume for Valkyrie designed by Mark Brooks. Lots of fur.

A guy dressed as Spidey got invited on stage to read PART of next week’s Superior Spider-Man.

Q & A time!

Q: would Superior Spider-Man work as a movie and could non-comic-readers handle it. A: they COULD, but the best things about comics is that they can do things movies can’t.

Q: will Kaine and Superior Spidey meet? Stegman: “all i’ll say is that I just drew a cover with both of them on it.”

The plot of Doc Ock “collecting” members of the Sinister Six will continue,.

Sick burn by Waid about DC not having a booth at the show. Hilarious!

A follow up to Spider-Men is coming!

Q: any plans for Jester and Screwball in Daredevil? A: Jester for sure.

Q: any “major” villains in Superior Foes? A: you’ll see them.

The guy that read next week’s issue said it made his Spider Sense tingle. GROSS!

Q: Madame Web? A: She’s in a coma. There are future plans, and she knows that Doc Ock is Spidey! Keep reading.

Declan Shalvey just said that Rick Remender has a very punchable face! There’s a word for that: backpfeifengesicht. You’re welcome.

Somebody is questioning the fact that the Avengers didn’t notice that Ock Spidey had different brain patterns.  Waid: they were specifically looking for Skrull brain patterns. Ramos: it’s comics, man.

Q: why reveal that Peter was still “alive” so quickly. Pyle: “we knew people would be upset.” This was Slott’s way of letting people know that Peter’s story wasn’t over. The question is: will he STAY around now that Ock knows he’s there?

Dan Slott has joined the panel via phone!

Q: more Hobgoblin? A: Superior Spidey #14-#16! SKADOOSH!

Slott says that the new costume has new abilities. Ramos is being coy about it. “I’m under contract!”

Q: when will Carlie Cooper come forward with her knowledge about Ock Spidey? Waid: “Do you think that would go well for her?” Pyle and Slott: she’s waiting for solid proof.

Q: what’s up with with the empty hospital bed labeled “Osborn” and the return of the Green Goblin? A: Slott pretends there’s something wrong with his connection.

Waid demands a puppet Dan Slott for the next time he calls into a panel.

Somebody is trying to make a connection between the new costume and Ben Reilly. You’re barking up the wrong tree, dude.

Q: any plans to address the letter Madame Web sent to Kaine pre-coma? A: maybe post-coma.

Q: how about splitting Spidey into two being a la Hulk and Banner? A: keep reading, you never know and they ain’t telling.

Somebody made an insane pitch involving inserting Peter’s spirit into Madame Web’s comatose body. Waid invited him to talk privately with Slott and make a 60-second pitch on the spot!

Q: any more Superior/Daredevil crossovers? Q: YES!

Thats it! Time to ice these hands and get some lunch…See you soon for the next panel!