IDWHere’s all of the news from from the IDW panel, courtesy of Matt Baum!


Featuring Phil Hester, Mike Costa, Andy Diggle and Menton3 who resembles the Black Pope of the Satanic Church.

They start with Star Trek.  #21 is After Darkness.  Picks up right after the movie ends.  Much applause.

Orci has been sneaking Easter Eggs into the monthly Trek comic.

On to X-Files (more applause).

Supposedly new X-Files series is creator Chris Carter’s vision of where the series would have gone.

Showing great looking art pages for Wild Blue Yonder.

TMNT City Fall.  Coming soon.  Looks darker.

Kiss Kids because someone demanded it.  EOC does some simple math and says this comic will sell 500,000 copies.

More artist editions coming.  Best of EC. (more applause, some from me).  Jack Davis EC, Xenezoic Tales and Bone and John Byrne FF coming soon too.

Rocketeer/Spirit crossover.  Mark Waid wring w Paul Smith

Doctor Who by Andy Diggle, Image of Clara on screen (sorry if it’s Caire – not a Doc Who nerd).  Diggle been working with Doctor Who historians.  Andy Khun on art.  Diggle “Continuity not as scary as writing spandex books”.  Big reveal in issue #11.  #12 is Diggle’s last issue.  Wants to do old school Trek next.

THUNDER Agents by writer Phil Hester and Artist Andrea Di Vito.  Hester thrilled to be writing this series. “Loved every iteration of the series”.  “Wiping the slate clean and trying to show superheroes unlike any other” When they use their powers it comes out of their hide.  When characters die here, they die.  When I pitched the book I did it the way Bruce Timm pitched Batman animated series.  Take what’s great about the original idea and boil it down for new readers.”

Also putting out new printings of Classic THUNDER Agents.

Wizards and Robots written by Will I Am and art by Mention3.  Also working on “The Memory Collectors”.  writing and art by Menton3.  “Everyone thinks I’m a horror artist but this is going to be more fun.”

Mike Costa takes Hesters place at the Mic (no pun intended).  Talking about Cobra Files.  Just finished writing #7 “The worst Gi Joe arc ever, but not in terms of quality”  New characters both Joe and Cobra.  #7 starts second major arc.  Joe’s are emotionally crushed after a couple of deaths.


Locke and Key AlphaLocke & Key Alpha, Ryall “We’re going to be in the Joe Hill business for years to come”.

Cartoon Network partnership

Powerpuff Girls, new and classic material.  Troy Little (Angora Napkin) writing and drawing.  Handling this one like My Little Pony.

Samurai Jack

Ben 10

Rocky and Bullwinkle.  No creators yet

Mr Peabody and Sherman.  January-ish.  Mike Costa wants to write.

Red Star, complete collected editions this Fall.

Mars Attacks Judge Dredd.  Born from the Mars Attacks IDW variants.  John McCray writing.

Zombie War returns, by Kevin Eastmen, old Tundra comic.  Colored and collected for first time.

The Other Dead, Zombie animals.

That’s it! Hope it made sense, because I didn’t edit a single word! See you soon for Valiant and Marvel NOW coverage!