Lip SyncSorry for the delay in the blog, but I’m technically challenged and this blog has video of my husband and I (not doing that, you pervs!) that I feel you all will enjoy…or you’ll enjoy us embarrassing ourselves in our most drunken state, at least.

About a week ago, Jimmy Fallon had Big Tuna – aka Jim from The Office, aka John Krasinski – on his Late Night program. Now, I don’t know John personally, or Jimmy for that matter (come on, famous friends – make this happen for me), but they both seem like decent dudes that like to have a pretty, pretty good time. That was confirmed by the game they played after the interview. They had a lip-sync off.

A lip-sync off is basically what it sounds like. Each person gets to pick a handful of songs to lip sync to. Person One goes first, lip-syncing the shit out of their song selection. Person Two counters with their own killer lip-sync performance. Most battles start fairly tame, but by the end hit a James Brown swagger level.

Saturday night, my husband and I found ourselves in a weird position. For the first time in what seems like months, we had NO PLANS! It was kind of amazing. We went shopping, had a drink, went to dinner, had more drinks, went to a birthday party, had lots of FREE drinks, went home, had drinks, and had a lip-sync off.

Oh yes, it happened. It was like that scene in Bring It On where Gabrielle Union’s character tells Kirsten Dunst that, when they meet at Cheerleading Nationals (Which is very real, as is the spirit stick – I should know I was a high school cheerleader. Fun fact, non?), that she needs to bring it.

In this reenactment, I play the role of Gabrielle Union – obviously – and my husband plays Kirsten Dunst.

My husband: I’m trying to make it right (syncing up the computer and music is a hard job apparently).

Me: You wanna make it right? Then when you go to nationals (aka lip-sync), bring it. Don’t slack off because you feel sorry for us (drunk people – all of us drunk people who think our lip-syncing skills are far superior than they probably are). That way, when we (ahem, I) beat you, we’ll (Two-Headed Nerd fans and Girl Meets Nerd readers) know it’s because we’re (ahem, ahem, ME) better.

My husband: I’ll bring it.


Two of our early choices in this epic battle are below. As the night went on, many songs were lip-synced, clothing was removed, and props were introduced. It was like Battle Royale up in that joint. Well, probably not Battle Royale. Realistically, it was more like West Side Story.

So, enjoy my husband and I making complete dicks of ourselves for your enjoyment. YOU ARE WELCOME AMERICA!

Kacie Baum is a professional partier, mother of two pugs, and the wife of Matt Baum. She tolerates the constant presence of the Two-Headed Nerd in her home each week. She did not write this bio. Pre-THN entries of Girl Meets Nerd can be found here.