Aaron (Hearts) RomAstro City #1 (Vertigo)
This book looks beautiful. As a first issue it’s going to drive a lot of people away. Its technically issue 60 but it’s been away for so long it got a new #1. It’s not bad, but it isn’t gripping. I think it will be worth sticking with but look and see for yourself.
Rating: SKIM IT

Daredevil Dark Nights #1 (Marvel)
I really enjoyed this first issue of this miniseries. The premise isn’t revolutionary but the story telling is well done. Well worth your time.
Rating: BUY IT

Hero Bear & the Kid Special #1 (KaBoom!)
It is such a joy to have Hero Bear back! This book hasn’t missed a beat and is fun for all ages.
Rating: BUY IT

Polarity #3 (BOOM)
I haven’t been this disappointed in a comic series in a long time. Issue 1 held such promise, issue 2 seemed to stumble but could still be redeemed. Issue 3 was so bad I can’t recommend this to anyone. Don’t waste your time or money, get out while you can.
Rating: LEAVE IT

Kick Ass 3 #1 (Marvel)
Well this is more Kick Ass. If you are a big fan of Kick Ass then you will want to get this, if you aren’t or never tried to read it, don’t try here.
Rating: SKIM IT

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