Batman Eternal 01Welcome to Batman Forever, a weekly review of “Batman Eternal” from DC Comics.

I’ll look at the weekly comic every time for a short review and a prediction as to what comes next. And, as a special treat, I’ll reproduce one panel from each week’s comic with some of the many action figures I have laying around.

Here we go!

Batman Eternal #1

SQUEEEEE! Batman and Jim Gordon go after Professor Pyg, and in the midst of apprehending a suspect, Gordon fires on him and causes a train to derail. Hundreds may be dead, and the commissioner is under arrest.

So far, this is less a Batman book and more of a Gotham City book. We get a look at the bright lights of the city, corrupt cops, a stand-up rookie, Harvey Bullock and Jim Gordon making a huge mistake but still standing up and being a good guy.

It’s a great kick-off to the the Eternal story, and it even includes a one-page preview of the finale featuring a bloody Batman chained to a busted Bat-signal.

As for the Batman stuff, I’m intrigued by the cut-up, defeated Batman from the flash-forward, and I like that this is an aggressive Batman that goes for kicking ass instead of making a wise-ass comment. I just hope they have this more planned out than some other DC weekly titles that, while I loved them, kinda went off the rails.

My only complaint: the book was kinda short for a first issue. I was surprised that it ended so quickly, and I expected a little more setup. Good thing we get a new issue every week.

Next Week: my guess is that Gordon was drugged by a mystery man. With Gordon off the force (for now), all hell breaks loose in the department.

Next week’s cameo: The Penguin.

Was I right? Check in next time and I’ll tell you.

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