Batman Forever 02Welcome to Batman Forever, a weekly review of “Batman Eternal” from DC Comics.

I’ll read every issue and give a short review along with a prediction of to what’s coming next. And, as a special treat, I’ll reproduce one panel from each week’s comic with some of the many action figures I have laying around.


Batman Eternal #2
MRROW! Cameos everywhere! Jim Gordon is under arrest. Vicki Vale publishes the story. Batman calls in all hands. A mystery man manipulates a pile of roses and Gotham City Mayor Hady. Catwoman shows up to vamp.

And I think Doctor Phosphorous is dead now. (He appeared to explode.)

This issue is even more setup for the overarching story of “Eternal,” and with a big, final-page reveal, I do believe we have our villain. An old Batman nemesis (and, much to my own delight, the bad guy from my favorite Batman series) appears to be behind the Commissioner derailing a train and killing potentially hundreds of people.

A dark, seedy setting and a stoic Batman are highlights of Jason Fabok’s art, which depicts Gotham in just the way I love it.

Next Week: Batman moves to take on the bad man behind it all. We learn why Catwoman is afraid of him. Jim Gordon gets beat up in jail. We learn the meaning of “Blackfire.”

Next week’s cameo: I’m once again betting on the Penguin.

Was I right? Last week, I said: “My guess is that Gordon was drugged by a mystery man. With Gordon off the force (for now), all hell breaks loose in the department.”

All hell is indeed breaking loose. Batman believes Gordon was drugged and his assailant spent most of his time in the shadows. No Penguin cameo, but his name was mentioned. So, I was mostly right.

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