As I’m sure you’ve noticed over the past few weeks, things have been kind of dicey with the Answer of the Week podcast. The simple truth is that our increasingly busy schedules have made it very difficult to record two separate podcasts on two separate days of the week. So, we tried to make things easier by recording the Answer from our respective homes each week – a technological meltdown scrapped those plans. Then, we decided to save time by only recording a simple intro and outro for each episode, letting your calls speak for themselves – the feedback we received from a few trusted friends indicated that this wasn’t a welcome change. Whatever could we do?! Would this the end of the Answer of the Week?! CUE DRAMATIC MUSIC!
FEAR NOT! You spoke, we listened. The Answer of the Week is going to remain (more or less) the same show it’s always been. But because our scheduling difficulties are still a concern, we’re tweaking a couple of things.
Here are the details:
  • The Question of the Week will now be posted on SUNDAYS each week!
  • The deadline for calls and MP3s will now be 5:00pm CST on THURSDAY evenings!
  • Matt and I will continue to respond to your answers and give our own as usual, but don’t be too surprised if we save it for the end of the show once in a while.
  • Each week, Matt and I will now be choosing our favorite listener response! This “honor” comes with nothing but a dubious sense of pride…

So, there you have it! Some slight tweaks to the formula will allow us to keep bringing you the same Answer of the Week that you know and love. If you have any questions or comments about the changes, just let us know!

And now, an ALL-NEW QUESTION OF THE WEEK is ready for you at the THN Forums!

Talk to you soon,
Joe and Matt