Rom MeyersSabrina #1 (Archie)
This was great. Dark art works perfect for the mood. You get to know the characters, they are great story hooks.
Rating: BUY IT

Batgirl #35 (DC)
The art was perfect for the tone of this first issue. The writing rides a fine line between stupid, offensive, and just plain bad. What were they thinking?
Rating: LEAVE IT                                                                       

Alien vs Predator: Fire & Stone #1 (Dark Horse)
I don’t love the art in this a ton but it works well enough for the story. The writing is pretty wild, and there are a lot events in this first issue that make me want to read more.
Rating: SKIM IT

October Faction #1 (IDW)
There isn’t a ton in this first issue that is revolutionary but its well done and there is enough to make me want to read the next. At least skim it and see if it grabs you.
Rating: SKIM IT

Punks the Comic #1 (Image)
This was insane, bonkers, wild, and fun and out there. Just what I wanted.
Rating: BUY IT 

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