Rom5Robin Rises Alpha #1 (DC)
This was ok. I liked the fights but Damien back so soon and now with super powers? Meh.
Rating: SKIM IT

They’re Not like Us #1 (IMAGE)
Oh, I liked this a lot. It’s super X-Men-ish. But I think a lot more. No limits.
Rating: BUY IT                                                                          

The Massive #30 (Dark Horse)
Such a fantastic series. One of the best in recent years. Read it all.
Rating: BUY IT

Graveyard Shift #1 (Image)
I like the idea but the execution is pretty mediocre. The characters, especially the females are bad stereotypes, I was hoping for more.
Rating: SKIM IT

Memetic #3 (Boom)
This was super crazy. A great 3 issue story you don’t expect to go the way it does. Read this.
Rating: BUY IT

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