Hello fellow Listenerds!

It is I, Charlie! Freshly revived after taking omega beams to the face and going on a little vacation through history, I’ve come to the ziggurat with another 725 words in hand to help your start your new year with all the passion and optimism of Frank Castle on father’s day.

…Too soon?

As the New Year kicks off, there’s a sweet lull in the comic book meat grinder that gives us all a chance to look ahead into the coming months with actual genuine excitement!

You know, that time somewhere in between the sausage train of comic book deaths and DC’s inevitable capping of creatively different writer asses? Yeah, that time. We’re in it, and just to prove it to you, here are some of the things I’m legitimately looking forward over the next 300+ days.

SHAZAM! (Except, pronounced: “Shay-Zay-hamm”. I’m from Canada, eh?)


Can we just call it a “Crisis” already?


From DC:  Convergence

That’s right internet, I said it! While it’s easy to be skeptical about how poorly this event is bound to be reviewed, there’s still a small part of me that really, really, REALLY wants Convergence to be used as a way to undo the entire New 52 line. Think that’s a bit much? Maybe, but let’s be honest here- The ‘New’ in ‘New 52’ has long since passed. To think DC has ignored declining sales and harsh criticisms would be a bit ridiculous at this point.

“But Charlie! What about all the sweet new changes that have come into effect?” All the more, a sign of trouble for the line. If things were going so great, there wouldn’t be such a push on change, would there? With a possible impending reboot in tow, DC could just be testing out possible potential changes that don’t evoke an eye roll from its fan base. Like the Batgirl costume redesign? So do I. Who knows? Maybe they’ll keep it. Here’s hoping!

The End

“Simply the best! *dum dum dum* Better than all the rest!”

From Marvel: Ultimate “The End”

From possible beginnings of something old/new to the end of something long past it’s due, the common speculation is that 2015 will mark the end of the Ultimate Universe. Not that I haven’t enjoyed its run for the last 14 years, but ‘Ultimatum’ marked what should have been the end of the line. Never one to finish things on a downer, Marvel kept the universe alive and limp along it did, until all but one of its titles remained on our shelves. With a second chance to end it all (arguably ‘right’ this time) we can expect many-a-feels if this really is the closing chapter of that universe. While it’s certainly had its ups and downs, this series is definitely one that deserves an eleventeen gun salute on its exit. Cue the Tina Turner track; let’s play them out to “Simply the best”.

…Anyone? No? Alright. How does everyone feel about Icona Pop’s “I Love It?” …Anyone? …Matt?


Maybe the Tina Turner song wasn’t as appropriate as I first thought.

From Image:

As Image’s award winning books pile up, comic book fiends both long time and casual will be more willing to get their fixes from the little guy. That being said, Image doesn’t really need any events to stay relevant. However, should the upcoming volumes of ‘Invincible’, ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Saga’ be any indicator, the releases of these collections should be something to look forward to in the new year. As a bit of a side note, as reported in a recent episode of the THN main show, Invincible will be ‘somewhat’ relaunching the title on a different planet, making it more appealing to newer readers (Image don’t need no stinkin’ renumbering!).

So this just about wraps up some of the things I’m looking forward to in 2015. I’m sure there are many more amazing things around the corner (Lookin’ at you, Archie Vs Predator!) and if you’d like to remind me of anything I missed (or want someone to join you in the Two Headed Nerds’ kennel of relations) feel free to contact me on twitter @Charlietron3000

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