Slave RevoltWhen Joe Patrick was at his lowest point, abandoned by his friend, life partner, and co-host Matt Baum for rock and roll super-stardom, three men stood strong and lifted him from the mire. Those men were John Littrel – co-host of the Burnt Weiners podcast, Aaron Meyers – King of Ask A Nerd and cohost of Comics Therapy, and Keith “The Voice” Silva – Vermont broadcasting legend and have-er of sophisticated fun; Love Slaves all.

Little did anyone suspect that Baum would come crawling back from the smoldering wreckage of his musical career. With little-to-no regard for the feelings of those that stood by him in his darkest hour, Joe Patrick cast John, Aaron, and Keith back into the Love Slave pit from whence they came, welcoming his betrayer back with open arms. They revolted and THE EVIL LEGION OF THE NOT MATT BAUMS was born!

Now, with a whole new list of sins forever chained to their names, Joe and Matt deserve another revolt! The guys even recruited a few new members to help them out. Their numbers are growing! RUN AND HIDE, JOE AND MATT!
BE AFRAID! The Legion of the Not Matt Baums is back!!!

CLICK HERE FOR EPISODE ONE –> The Legion of the Not Matt Baums Episode One!

When John Littrel (@burntweiners on The Twitter) isn’t too busy reciting the Necronomicon to a classroom of 1st graders in hopes of appeasing the dark lord, he makes a hobby out of knowing next to nothing about comics, but loving them all the same. Soon you will be able to check him out at!

Aaron Meyers is a full time nerd for both money and pleasure. When he’s not knee deep in networking cable or trapped in a server rack, he can be found on Twitter at @aaronmeyers or trying to sound as sober as he can on Comics Therapy.

The anarchist known as @andreashock on Twitter is actually a figment of our collective imaginations, but when taking solid form thanks to help from a devoted crew of a death cult, Andrea can be heard on Comics Therapy. There are also rumors that she enjoys the smell of a brand new phone.
Keith Silva writes for Comics Bulletin. There is also @keithpmsilva and Interested in Sophisticated Fun?. A Googling will reveal he has a ‘real job’ in local Vermont television which keeps him in comics, but not nearly enough.