Welcome to the first edition of SLAVE REVOLT at The Two Headed Nerd (THN). The love slaves at this outfit have decided to band together and take control. Fear us, Matt Baum! Beg for mercy, Joe Patrick! It’s time to thank the slaves for their hard work. Click here for some slave appreciation.

Who are the love slaves at The THN in charge of Slave Revolt? First, we have the amazingly talented and incredibly good looking TonyDoug Wright who is the author of Gems in the Bin. Next is the teenage heartthrob, Aaron Meyers, known in these parts as The King of the Ask A Nerd segment and the author of the Ludicrous Speed Reviews. Rounding out the trio is the THN bad-boy, Keith Silva.

Every other week, the love slaves at The Two Headed Nerd will discuss an issue regarding the world comics or something else nerd related. Our first question to be discussed is as follows: Who is the most over-exposed character and who is the most under-exposed character in the world of comics?

Let’s start with the over-exposed character. Take it away, slaves!

TONY DOUG WRIGHT:  My choice is Wolverine. I know this is an obvious selection, but I’m waiting for Marvel to announce that he’ll be joining The Fantastic Four, will serve as the new Captain America, and will be the new Daredevil following the ‘death’ of Matt Murdoch. Calm down, fanboys,  Marvel is not going to kill Matt Murdoch because I was just joking. Or Am I? It has become tiresome following the various X-Men titles, plus the New Avengers has added plenty of fuel to this Wolverine fire. Why do we need the guy with claws and a bad attitude to be in every frickin’ comic book? Don’t say that he’s not because he’s everywhere in the Marvel universe and I was amazed that he didn’t show up in the New 52 from DC Comics.

KEITH SILVA: Arrrggh! TD Dubs you sly dog, you, you stole mine! I am shooting admantium daggers at you — snikt snikt! In fact, I could do without all of them, all mutants. I want a regular turn back the clock mutant massacre. Kill ’em all I say, let the Cheif Examiner sort ’em out (that was for you JP!). O.K., TDW if you’re Wolverine, I’m Batman. As a ‘brand,’ Batman is more diluted than a Miller 64. I don’t want Batman to ‘go away.’ I want DC to pare back the bat titles and give visionary creators a Bat-chance with the caped crusader. Light the Bat-signal for a Paul Pope-type to write and draw Batman. Imagine, a Brandon Graham Batman or even better, Fiona Staples, Ming Doyle or Becky Cloonan.

AARON MEYERS: Guys sorry, those are both easy answers. But if you look in your soft, weak human hearts you’ll agree that Superman over exposed you’d have thought DC put him in the heart of the Sun a few too many hours. Hey I know! Let’s make him younger and a blogger and give him boots! Yuk. Then let’s still put him in 5 different books and since he’s invincible and can’t really be hurt, let’s do the same thing over and over again. Boring. Superman is so key to the DC marketing machine and yet such an under defined and over exposed character I fear he may never be interesting again. But that’s a rant maybe for another day…

Let’s move on to the under-exposed character. State your cases, slaves!

TDW: I was debating between The Sandman and Moon Knight, and The Sandman won. I’ve always been a fan of The Sandman, and I’m talking about the Justice Society of America version with the gas mask and gas gun. Vertigo had a good run with this character in the 1990s with The Sandman Mystery Theatre, although the Sandman is that comic is loosely based on the DC character.

KPS: Nothing against the man — except for you know the whole women are evil thing — but I can’t wait for Dave Sim to die and to have Cerebus go into the public domain. New Cerebus stories would be like being comped at the French Bulldog in Omaha, Nebraska. Cerebus was never about Cerebus, it was about Sim and it’s too bad because the Earth-pig is AWESOME! And as Sim showed the Earth-pig is malleable and he stinks when his fur gets wet.

AMM: All good suggestions, and I think I could post a phonebook-sized list of creator owned properties that everyone should read, but sticking with the “Big Two” super heroes, for me I’d love to see more well done comics about The Micronauts. Before you scoff at this, it’s been a while since we’ve seen anything done with them and there is a lot a great creative team could do with their characters. Crazier things have been done before. Bring them back!


What do you think of our choices, faithful readers? If you agree or disagree then join the conversation by posting a comment below!


TonyDoug Wright is the owner and head writer at Champion City Comics, a webcomics and comic book community, and is the owner of The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll, a weekday rock music blog. He is also a proud father and is married to the coolest and most beautiful girl on the planet.

Aaron Meyers is a full time nerd for both money and pleasure. When he’s not knee deep in networking cable or trapped in a server rack, he can be found on Twitter at @aaronmeyers or posting his musings about the world of comics at his blog Proactive Continuity.

Keith Silva writes for Comics Bulletin. There is this @keithpmsilva and this Interested in Sophisticated Fun?  Having read ”The Starman Pitch,” he NOW!  has an omnibus or two to buy.