Ludicrous Speed ReviewsToil and Trouble # (Boom)
I wasn’t expecting to get into this as much as I did. Great art and a great twist on this literary masterpiece.
Rating: BUY IT

Plutona #1 (Image)
A solid first issue with some great art. A great hook and I want to read more.
Rating: BUY IT                                                                           

Broken World #4 (Boom)
I had high hopes for this series when it started but it fell flat in only 4 issues. I would have liked this to be a lot longer and more realized.
Rating: SKIM IT

The Empty #6 (Image)
I feel like this is another book that didn’t get to go as long as it should have but it was fun while it lasted. Get it collected if you missed out on singles.
Rating: BUY IT

Federal Bureau of Physics #24 (Vertigo)
I’ve enjoyed this book so much since it started and I’m so glad it got to tell its story. One of the best sci-fi books in recent years, you should read this all collected if you didn’t in singles.
Rating: BUY IT

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