Answer of the WeekWelcome back to the Answer of the Week, where Joe and Matt give their answers to the THN Question of the Week along with YOUR audio responses! This week’s question comes from Joe Benkis AKA CasualComicsGuy: “Least Likely to Succeed (But Did)! These are comic book characters who – if you hear the one-line pitch – seem incomprehensible, unrelatable, non-commercial, or just plain bad… yet still made a name for themselves. A guy who can shrink down to the size of an ant, yet will still retain the strength of a normal-sized man. Wow… the strength of a normal-sized man? Seems unlikely… Yet, Ant-Man now is the star of a Marvel film and a cog in the next gen of movies. So, what concepts are you shocked survived based on the specificity/lameness of the original concept?”

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