Ludicrous Speed ReviewsCognetic #1 (Boom)
What a crazy first issue. I really like what this creative team is doing with these stories.
Rating: BUY IT

Fistful of Blood #1 (IDW)
13 year old Aaron loved Eastman & Bisley. 13 year old Aaron would love this comic. Aaron is 37 now.
Rating: SKIM IT                                                                         

The Steam Man #1 (Dark Horse)
This pleasantly surprised me! Great art and a crazy wild story. I’m totally in for more.
Rating: BUY IT

Back to the Future #1 (IDW)
Very mediocre art, really clunky story telling. Not much to enjoy here unless you are dying for anything more from this property. I won’t be reading more.
Rating: LEAVE IT

The Rook #1 (Dark Horse)
I have a soft spot for this character and this creative team so maybe I’m partial, but I liked this a lot. Check it out!
Rating: BUY IT

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