Eternity #1 (Valiant)
If you haven’t been reading Divinity I wouldn’t suggest starting here, but read Divinity 1- 3 and then read this, incredible stories.
Rating: BUY IT

Hack/Slash Resurrection #1 (Image)
Art is good and the story is true to the franchise, but…if you aren’t into this story already, this isn’t going to hook you.
Rating:  SKIM IT                                                                        

Jughead: The Hunger #1 (Archie)
This delivers on its promise I suppose but it just didn’t hook me like the one shot did last year.
Rating: SKIM IT

Silver Surfer #14 (Marvel)
What a wonderful ending to a wonderful run. Epic and amazing. Read it all.
Rating: BUY IT

DC House of Horror #1 (DC)
There are a good amount of good stories with good art but is it worth $10? Not quite.
Rating: SKIM IT

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