Welcome to Two-Headed Nerd Episode #644 New Comic Reviews from 11/10 & 11/17: Featuring The Thing #1, Getting Dizzy #1, Venom #1, & MORE, where Joe and Matt share reviews of new comic books, featuring eight titles from DC, Image, Marvel, Boom! & MORE!

Then it’s time to talk about our must-read picks for next week’s new comics in the THN Sanctum Sanctorum.

And finally, we’ll give you a sneak peek of our Patreon Extra Ask a Nerd segment where we take a question from one lucky listenerd who wants to know, “what makes a successful comic book TV adaptation?”.

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Must Read Picks for New Comic Book Day 11/10:

Trade/Graphic Novel of the Week:

Required Reading (Other Comics Discussed in This Episode):

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#644 New Comic Book Reviews from NCBD 11/10 & 11/17: Featuring The Thing #1, Getting Dizzy #1, Venom #1, & MORE!