The LUDICROUS SPEED ROUND returns with new comic book reviews for the week of 6/1/22! We read way more comics than we have time to talk about on the show so the rest end up here! If you’re a long-time-listenerd, you probably remember our short reviews accompanied by glorious power metal. Now you can supply your own soundtrack and relive the magic as we review and rate these comics on our patented “Buy it”, “Skim it” or “Leave it” scale. We’ll be sure to update this post as we read more of the week’s new comics so be sure to check back. But enough talk!


Matt’s Reviews:

LUDICROUS SPEED ROUND: New Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 6/1/22

Cover by Jonboy Meyers

Shadow War Omega #1, DC

Just last week one of our Canadian listeners was asking “where the hell is Geoforce?” (we’re HUGE in Canada, btw). Well, he’s here but I don’t know how happy GF’s Canuck contingent will be about it. The Shadow War comes to an end with a bang, some serious surprises, major status quo changes for characters, and fairly seamless art by three different pencilers. Will anything that happens here stick though? Probably not. Even though Joshua Willamson is writing this event it didn’t get much press from DC, and even this issue will probably be overshadowed by the Road to Dark Crisis issue he had a story in this week. We’ll see if Dark Crisis lives up to the hype next week but I gotta say, Shadow War was good old-fashioned-DC-superhero-summer-blockbuster fun. If you’re looking for a solid Batman and Robin detective story, with an actually sweet father and son ending, look no further. Here’s to hoping Willamson can pull off the same magic with Dark Crisis.

Rating: BUY IT


Joe’s Reviews:

LUDICROUS SPEED ROUND: New Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 6/1/22

Cover by Francesco Francavilla

Action Comics Annual 2022, DC

For reasons I can’t possibly fathom, I’ve let myself completely miss the boat on writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson’s run on Action Comics, but this seemed like a one-off issue set in the past, so I took a chance and jumped in. I’m SO GLAD I did. Johnson and his co-writer Simon “Don’t Call Me ‘Si'” Spurrier seamlessly weave the origin story of (the current) Mongul with a childhood scrap from Superman’s formative years. The differences in the two characters’ upbringings are brilliantly contrasted and new light about the motivations of both is shed. This is all done along with artist Dale Eaglesham and colorist Lee Loughridge’s typically strong work and – no joke – some of the BEST Ian Churchill art I have EVER seen. Don’t miss this, even if you haven’t been reading the main series, an failing that I will correct immediately.

Rating: BUY IT


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