Author: David DeMarco

nerdTV: Uncomfortable Mystery

Arrow: The Watchening Tonight’s episode of Arrow, according to my DVR, was titled ‘Lone Gunmen’.  This confused me, as there were no ‘gunmen’ plural, but rather one gunman, singular.  Where is my second gunman CW?  I paid good...

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nerdTV: The Watchening Continues

Tonight on Starling City News at 11.  The cloud of fear gripping the populace remains as the  ‘Arrow Killer’ carves a bloody swath through the wealthy members of the city.   What is his motivation to hunt these respected members...

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nerdTV — Arrow: The Watchening

Because I am the Fairest Man Alive, I agreed to watch and review the newest CW show: Arrow, based on the DC Comics property: Green Arrow.  After watching the pilot, I no longer felt like the fairest man alive, but rather, the...

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