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nerdTV: Saturated with Superheroes

Arrow is back! I’m very excited. I’ve been missing my weekly dose of absolute stupidity. This show is Ridiculous. Capital ‘R’. We last saw Oliver dead at the hands of our svelte, Tv-verse, Liam Neeson-Lite Ra’s al Ghul. To the...

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nerdTV: Black Sails

When Spartacus ended on Starz last year, I was sad thinking that I wouldn’t have a strong period piece/epic to kick of my new year, especially considering the somber note it ended on. Fast forward to New York City...

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nerdTV: Grampa Dave

Nerd TV Presents:  Arrow the Watchening or Grampa Dave is in his Rocking Chair Again Hello?  Who’s there?  Oh, it’s you!  I didn’t notice you for a minute there, just lost in my rememberins.  I do tend to wander off into my own...

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