Episode 14? We’re still churning out this nonsense? Good for us! It’s kind of a slow news week…except for, you know, the terrible layoffs and business closures. Joe and Matt chat a bit about the new Joe Casey joint Vengeance before diving into the Bad News Trifecta that is the Namor cancellation, the Tokyopop closure, and the Dark Horse layoffs. Then, some Cowboys and Aliens talk lifts the mood a bit. In Ask A Nerd, Bavarian Erin asks us to boil the Flashpoint saga down to an “elevator pitch” that she can give her customers.

This week, Joe feels all of his feelings about the Hellboy: Buster Oakley Gets His Wish one-shot and Matt gets straight up mythological in his Journey Into Mystery #622 review. Joe is excited to finally have a chance to review The Sixth Gun when issue #11 hits next week. Meanwhile, Matt plans to celebrate the triumphant return of Dark Horse Presents.

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