DC Comics announced a new ongoing Justice League title, Justice League of America, today during their DC Entertainment-All Access panel at Canada’s Fan Expo Toronto. The new series will be written by Geoff Johns (Justice League, Aquaman, Green Lantern) and art will be provided by David Finch (Batman the Dark Knight). The team features a, frankly, BIZARRE cast of characters, including Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Steve Trevor (I guess he was only MOSTLY dead), Green Arrow, Katana, Catwoman, Stargirl (!!!), Vibe (?!), and Baz – the new Arab-American Green Lantern.

In a press release posted on DC’s Source blog, Geoff Johns wrote “[t]hey’re a team of unlikely heroes who will help one another discover they’re as A-List as anybody — yes, even Vibe. Though getting there won’t be easy. Why they’re formed, why each member joins, what they’re after and who the society of villains is they’re trying to take apart will all be clear in the first issue when it hits early 2013. David and I are really focused on delving deep into what it’s like to not be a member of the big seven and why, sometimes, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.”

I can tell you honestly that my heart jumped into my throat when I saw that Stargirl was coming back, but then it sank to the floor when I saw that she was no longer wielding Jack Knight’s Cosmic Rod. In a later interview with MTV Geek, John’s said “[y]ou’ll learn a little bit more about her background and why she became Stargirl, and how she’s connected to another superhero named Starman…” (Emphasis mine.)

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