Besides quoting obscure Saturday Night Live sketches featuring forgotten political figures, I mean.

As you may have heard on the Episode 79 of the Two-Headed Nerd Comicast, the show is on a brief hiatus while my co-host Matt Baum tours tours the country with his world-famous rock and roll band Desaparecidos. While one may think this is an excuse to rest easy and slack on our promise to delivery quality nerd content on a weekly basis, I assure that the reality is quite the opposite!

If you recall from our most recent episode, we promised regular written content, guaranteed to both entertain AND inform, availabel right here at the all-new Two-Headed Nerd Dot Com! But what does that mean, exactly? I’m glad you asked…

THN will post reactions to the latest nerd news (like our recent Justice League of America article), weekly written reviews that you won’t hear on the podcast, and regular content (reviews, essays, opinion pieces, etc.) from a host of awesome contributors like Keith Silva, Aaron Meyers, Tony Wright, our friend and fellow podcaster John Littrel from Burnt Weiners, and more! For our first contributor post, we are proud to present Girl Meets Nerd, the ongoing chronicle of Kacie Baum’s life with THN’s own Matt Baumstein. Look for Girl Meets Nerd’s first post here at its new home later tonight!

In closing, Matt and I want to encourage everyone to check here regularly for updates – you can even SUBSCRIBE to our updates using the handy form in the right sidebar! We’re committed to growing THN into something more than a podcast and we need your help to get the word out. Any time you share our Facebook posts, link to our site, retweet one of our Tweeters, or tell your friends at the local comic shop, you are helping us and we can’t thank you enough.

Don’t worry, though — you can still expect to hear our regular brand of nonsense each and every week once we get back behind the mics at The Ziggurat.

Until next time, True Believers…