You may know the name Ethan Nicholle, or you may not, but chances are you know his tremendously popular web comic Axe Cop, which is co-written by his 8 year old brother. But that is not the comic that made me follow Ethan Nicholle, that honor goes to Chumble Spuzz, an incredibly entertaining read and bit offensive (but really, don’t those go hand in hand). Now, have I said Ethan Nicholle enough so you will remember his name? Good.

About this time last year Ethan began the release of his new comic, BEARMAGEDDON, and possibly, my favorite work he has done so far. The basic story boils down to a slacker named Joel, who is a hero to his brother, and disappointment to his father, has nowhere to go after he is kicked out of his home. A late night viewing of the first half of “Into The Woods”, some booze and nothing to lose, Joel and his friends decide to shuck the shackles that society has placed upon them and head back into the wilderness! Great idea!

What? It is not a great idea? Oh, not a great idea when all giant, shaggy monsters of the Ursidae family decide they have had enough of the humans and begin an all out BEARMAGEDDON!!! So, now you are up to speed with the basics. Hopefully you have ditched reading this and just moved onto the web comic. No? What is wrong with you? Did I mention there is a swarm of teeth gnashing, claw swiping, poop dropping bears in this comic that want to violently dismember the whole cast?

Okay, fine, I will do a bit more to sell you on this comic, but first, let’s mention the minor drawback: it takes a while for the insane bear action to really kick into high gear. I only mention that not because I think the beginning is boring or slow, it is a tremendous character building piece that other comic creators should take note . . . you just not have anticipated that gradual build with a title as in your face as BEARMAGEDDON!

The art of the series is great, albeit maybe a tad too graphic for some readers, but those readers are pussies and should be busy watching My Little Pony. Now, for the real sickos and deviants, I promise you are going to see plenty of guts, an axe to the head, dismemberings, gorings, and all sorts of violent entertainment! It never goes near the level of a torture porn comic, say Crossed: Psychopath, and it shouldn’t, since the humor in it is pretty slapstick. Plenty of humor and laugh out loud moments, and the running gags are some of my favorites in all of comics!

Currently the series is on a bit of a break until October 3rd, but that give you plenty of time to get caught up before the new content drops, which is every Wednesday and Friday, and gotta love those frequently updating web comics. Check it out, and let us know your favorite gory scene from the series below with extra points if you promise you are doing bear roars as you type it out! Don’t lie . . WE WILL KNOW!

When John is not too busy creating slash fiction about Mysterio and Mystique, he is blabbing on mindlessly about comics on the Burnt Weiners Comic Book Podcast. He makes a hobby out of knowing next to nothing about comics, but loving them all the same. We strongly discourage you from checking out They cannot even spell “wieners” correctly.