Uncanny Avengers #1 (Marvel)
So I know whats been going on with AvX through the internet and podcasts. I wasn’t completely in the dark when getting this issue. I loved Cassaday’s art in this and Remender’s writing is great as always. Even though I’m not really a super hero guy much these days, I enjoyed this issue. I’ll probably buy a few more because of this.
Rating: BUY IT

Point of Impact #1 (Image)
This first issue I found gripping and compelling. My one complaint is that the story can feel heavy handed in parts to set up the plot, but overall the art is solid and I find myself wanting more.
Rating: BUY IT

Transfusion #1 (IDW)
HOLY SMOKES! I didn’t know what to expect from this book and it is #crazycakes! I thought I would hate the art, but I loved it. You have to buy into the premise of the story which is robots have killed off humanity in order to use their blood to keep themselves running (uh..what?). If you can do that, then you will love this book.
Rating: BUY IT

Creator Owned Heroes #5 (Image)
I enjoyed the two new stories in this issue a lot, for different reasons. One is an action packed assassin story, pretty straight forward, and the other a dark horror tale. You get a ton of extra content in these books. If you are into creator interviews and columns on comics creation you will love this book and get it. If not, it might not be worth the $3.99 price tag.
Rating: SKIM IT

MacGyver #1 (Image)
Things this book does right: MacGyver can make cool stuff or break out of places with basic items. What this book does wrong: everything else.
Rating: LEAVE IT

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