Tonight on Starling City News at 11.  The cloud of fear gripping the populace remains as the  ‘Arrow Killer’ carves a bloody swath through the wealthy members of the city.   What is his motivation to hunt these respected members of society: Business leaders, bankers, shipping magnates?  No one is safe.  In other news, The Prodigal Son returns.  Oliver Queen, son of Billionaire Robert Queen and whose dramatic rescue after five years on an island would be the top story if not for the concurrence of the Arrow killings with Oliver’s return home, seems determined to stay out of the public eye.  He was last seen ditching his bodyguard during a press conference.  Where was he going?  Can’t be too careful Mr. Queen, what with the Arrow killer on the loose.  And now the weather…

I’m pleased to say the Arrow drinking game is rapidly taking shape: Drink whenever Arrow kills someone.  Drink whenever someone mentions that he was on the island for FIVE YEARS.  And drink whenever Oliver Queen is needlessly self-deprecating.  Another two episodes and this article will be riddled with drunken spelling errors.

Tonight, Oliver had a touching exchange with his younger sister ‘Speedy’, excuse me, Thea; it lead to this little gem:  Thea, “Maybe it was hell where you were, but it was hell here too.”  Oh, really Thea?  Were the marble floors too cold in the mansion?  Did the maid spill your freshly squeezed Tangelo juice on the Persian Rug?  HE WAS ON AN ISLAND FOR FIVE YEARS.  He’s been home a week, sorry if he hasn’t ‘re-connected’ with society.  Although, I will admit, he does seem pretty put together for a dude who was obviously tortured by people.

Next Week on Arrow:  Deadshot!  An actual factual super-villain.  Exciting!  Fingers crossed for the eventual appearance of Onomatopoeia.

Random Arrow Thoughts:

  • “Speedy” is dressed like it’s 1986 and she’s late for math in Mr. Hand’s class
  • Tonight’s ‘trick arrow’ was the digital recorder arrow which is exactly what it sounds like.
  • Oliver: “Dad, I’m trying to save the city like you asked.”  Ghost of Dad, “Sonnnn, I didn’t mean kill everyoneeee, I meant start a recycling programmmm or somethinggggg.”

Walking Dead Season 3:

The show that makes me eternally thankful I own a comic book store returns with a pretty solid season opener.  Looks like it’s keeping the momentum it built up at the end of season 2.  We get a nice bit of Zombie action in the prison, Michonne cuts some zombies up, and there’s a pretty solid scene right at the end that certainly makes me excited for episode 2.  So, hooray!

Comic Book Men:

I run hot and cold on Kevin Smith; he’s a charming fellow, funny when he needs to be, but this show just feels too damn scripted.  I know, I know, every thing on TV is scripted, even Pawn Stars (sad), but this isn’t even scripted well.  Nothing in this episode felt like a genuine interaction with real people AND, to top it off, the stuff that customers brought in to sell was pretty lame.  The main reason I watch the show is to see amazing key issues or original drawings by Bob Kane or whoever.  It felt like the first season had a TON of stuff walking through the door that made me jealous not to live in New Jersey (I know, right).  Perhaps all my complaints are from the perspective of a comic store owner, but if the show doesn’t get back to basics soon and cut it out with the ‘plotlines’ it’s getting booted off the DVR.

David DeMarco is Joe Patrick’s boss at Legend Comics & Coffee.  He is able to write this column because Joe Patrick does all the hard work at the shop, while Dave drinks coffee and goofs around.  This is an arrangement that is acceptable to Dave.