The family business is something that not a lot of children look forward to becoming a part of, unless you’re Mark Grayson, the son of the legendary Omni-Man. Created by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker, Invincible lives up to its tagline as “The best superhero comic in the universe.” It deals with the extraordinary and the ordinary, abusive relationships, interdimensional villains, sex, and the role of the superhero in a contemporary world.

If you aren’t hooked by the first story arc of Invincible, call your doctor because you might be dead. It’s one of the best reveals in storytelling. The first arc is drawn by Walker and then Ryan Ottley takes over the book and makes it his own. Ottley’s art and character designs in Invincible make the Image universe its own world. Some feel that Invincible can be wordy sometimes or that it diverges too much from the main storyline, but in all you’ll never be disappointed. When you read it, you’ll only want more.

If you really think that you’re done with comic books, or that comics aren’t for you, read Invincible and be welcomed with open arms. It’s the Superman for today’s reader. In time, Invincible may not stand for truth and justice, but he’ll stand for a society that knows that everything isn’t black, white, or grey – that life is filled with lessons, not mistakes. My advice is to read this book and read it to your children.

[Editor’s Note: Invincible #96 is on sale TODAY! Check your local comic shop (like Legend Comics & Coffee in Omaha, NE) for the latest issue, or to check out the complete library of collected editions!]

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