Walter (Campaign of Terror) #3
Dark Horse Comics
Year Published:

Writer: John Arcudi
Doug Mahnke

Gems in the Bin is a weekly column where I select a comic book from the $.25 bin at Fanfare Sports and Entertainment in Kalamazoo, Michigan for review. Will I strike gold or will I pay too much for an awful comic that should have been shredded? This week, I am reviewing Walter (Campaign of Terror) #3 from Dark Horse Comics.

When I pulled this comic from the bin, I was pleased because it was an election themed comic book. I had never heard of Walter, so after doing a bit of research, I discovered that this title was related to The Mask by John Arcudi and Doug Mahnke. I never read The Mask and am not familiar with the Walter character.

I do my best not to be the Andy Rooney of The Two Headed Nerd site because I don’t want to be the guy that’s labeled ‘the complainer’. Walter is not doing me any favors.  What is it with comic books from the 1990s? They are either really good or really awful. There is no gray area. No purgatory.

At this point, I have not decided if Walter is going up the ladder or down the ladder.

Rating: SKIM IT

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