Aaron (Hearts) RomNumber 13 #1 (Dark Horse)
This is a quirky, beautiful Sci-Fi book that has something far more sinister lurking down the road in further issues. I really enjoyed it.
Rating: BUY IT

Captain America #2 (Marvel)
This isn’t any Cap book I’ve ever seen. Holy hell this was awesome. I love Romita’s art too. It works perfectly for this book and its setting.
Rating: BUY IT

Saga #8 (Image)
And the hits keep on rolling. More plot building, more entertainment. This issue sets up a lot for the next. The pressure valve is primed, time to release it all next issue.
Rating: BUY IT

Avengers #2 (Marvel)
Yeah this is the Avengers book I want to read. Set aside the incredible art for this book, the story is what a big team book like Avengers should be. Big threats, big ideas, big heroes. Beautiful.
Rating: BUY IT

JSA Liberty Files – The Whistling Skull #1 (DC)
So I haven’t ever read any of these before, I assume this is some follow up to previous books? Regardless I had no idea what was happening and didn’t really care as I read it. Maybe this makes more sense as it goes on but for now…
Rating: LEAVE IT

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