Rom HeadshotAstounding Villain House #1 (DARK HORSE)
Shannon Wheeler’s sense of dark humor shines in this one shot. A great book for the fall, a fun read anytime.
Rating: BUY IT

The Fox #1 (RED CIRCLE)
A really fun hero comic with a golden age feel with modern sensibility. The art is really good and the stories are fun.
Rating: BUY IT

Sex #8 (IMAGE)
The conclusion to the first arc of this book. More penis per page than you would think you are paying for, that being said, this is a deeply complex and compelling story.
Rating: BUY IT

Blood Brothers #3 (DARK HORSE)
This mini-series was a ton of fun! It looks like there will be more too. If you missed it, get it collected. The art and writing are great.
Rating: BUY IT

Five Ghosts #6 (IMAGE)
The return of Fabian Grey! The first series was great, if you missed it you can jump on here and get in on the action!
Rating: BUY IT

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