I’m back and ready to ruin lives! I don’t just mean through this website, but on a much larger scale. But before I get around to doing that, let’s give you some web comics that your momma would love!

Hobo Lobo of Hamelin

First up we have something quite different from most webcomics out there, and that would be Hobo Lobo of Hamelin, created by a maniacal madman with a penchant for The Kool-Aid Man and a clean sheet of filth (yeah, just try to tell me that is an oxymoron, I WILL FIGHT YOU). Scrolling from left to right, this storybook unfolds and transforms with a beautiful animated style that needs to be seen to be appreciated. Don’t even bother clicking on the preview image for this one: Just go straight to the site and take it in!

Satirical, a little bit raunchy, and a never-ending bread bowl of fun … I’m not sure where I was going with this, but that first bit should be quotable in some context.


Completely wordless and gorgeous with its watercolor paint style, Haunter will only take you about 10 minutes to read, but you should really spend some more time with it. Minus a couple of panels in which the action seems a little distorted and jumbled, this is a prime example of how well a story can be told through art. The narrative flows so well that you might not stop and think about what may be happening at various points. So make sure to go back and really examine what could be going on and fill in that story.

When you have finished, check out more of the comics at Study Group, especially It Will All Hurt, Softcore, and Genus.

That’s it for me this go around — keeping them short and sweet, like a corgi coated with brown sugar!

John is what you would call a triple threat: he could die from a coronary, at the hands of a biker gang or by clumsily falling down a flight of stairs. He sometimes writes for Two-Headed Nerd, but more often won’t shut up on his own podcast Burnt Weiners. Check him out on Twitter with the following secret password: @burntweiners