ava03So you wake up after the alien ship you were cruising in crash lands. You then proceed to vomit lava and find out that the demon who has been making life hell your entire life is actually a princess resurrected to get her revenge against someone who took her kingdom. Then you keep meeting other people with demons inside them that they’ve made pacts with.  Oh, and then you find you can open up your chest to talk to your demon. Pretty normal Sunday, right?

ava04Ava’s Demon is a single panel-per-page webcomic from Michelle Czajkowski that has been going for about 2 years and nearly 1,000 beautifully illustrated panels. I first checked in with this webcomic a little over a year ago and was impressed with it, and have become only more so as the story moves along further.

ava01Czajkowski does a wonderful job of pacing the reveals and layers to this comic, never letting anything quite settle before peeling back a little more of what the wallpaper has been hiding. Spoilers I posted in the first paragraph won’t even matter when you start reading it. It’s more about how things are revealed than what is revealed. It is not the forward movement of plot points, but the slow construction of the characters that make this so compelling. Aliens motivated by blind faith. Evil not always in the place you might expect it.

ava02The world is painted lushly and vibrantly, and just when you think it can’t get any more so, you are introduced to the next “demon” who just pops off the page with magnificent color! It was damn near impossible for me not to be drawn into the details of the horns, postures and flowing bodies of each of these characters.

ava05So give this horror-infused sci-fi comic a couple of your free hours. Open up your chest and find your demon. Get freaky!




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