From The Website:

“Battlepug: The Web Comic was born out of desperate scramble to appease iFanboy. They contacted Mike to create a signature t-shirt for a new line of merch. However, Mike had been working exclusively with DC Comics for 4 years and had no original properties that he could reveal to the world yet. He drew the image you see above and had Allen color it. And lo, a BATTLEPUG was born!”

Mike Norton has impressed the crap out of me on some of his previous projects like Runaways and Queen & County (which as a side note, I would recommend Runaways to anyone, and Q&C to fans of espionage), so when I heard he was doing a web comic, I was on board. Thing is, I had heard about Battlepug before I had heard Mike was doing a web comic . . . and was not thrilled with the thought of a cheesy concept like that.

I am ready to eat my words, because the comic is fantastic! In the comic you will find a spunky, sexy, and adorable teller of tales who is reciting the story of Battlepug to a couple pups in her bed chamber (yes, and it is sexy for her, cute because of her and the pups). And yes, that is a wonderfully well endowed (muscles, you perverts) barbarian riding the mighty bug-eyed steed!

Of course the art is going to be fantastic as Mike also snagged colorist Allen Passalaque (JSA, Spider-Man), and they do a great job at creating a lush, fantasy dripping, monster stomping world for the heroes to romp about in. Bottom line: it is cute and adorable for the people who love The Daily Cute, but also enough action for fans of Skullkickers and other light-hearted fantasy romps!

Click here to check it out!

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