Rom HeadshotReal Heroes #1 (Image)
A bunch of unlikeable characters thrown into a pretty uncompelling scenario. The art is solid but the story didn’t hook me.
Rating: LEAVE IT

Blackout #1 (Dark Horse)
Pretty interesting first issue. The story feels disjointed but it’s a solid first issue. I can’t say it’s a must read, but it’s not a bad read.
Rating: SKIM IT                                                                         

Rocky & Bullwinkle #1 (IDW)
This is a really great all ages comic. Awesome art, fun writing. This is the definition of fun comics.
Rating: BUY IT

Silver Surfer #1 (Marvel)
I loved this more than I thought I would. The art is great, the writing is great. This was great.
Rating: BUY IT

Iron Patriot #1 (Marvel)
Good first issue. Not great. The art is ok, but nothing special. The first issue felt rehashed and uninspired.
Rating: SKIM IT

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