Ludicrous Speed ReviewsCurb Stomp #1 (Boom)
One part The Warriors, one part Whip It, one part all its own. Curb Stomp #1 was really good. Looking forward to more!
Rating: BUY IT

D4VE #1 (IDW)
I loved this in digital, now it’s great to have it in print. You should be reading this one way or another!
Rating: BUY IT                                                                           

KING: Prince Valiant #1 (Dynamite)
Did I care about Prince Valiant before this issue? Not at all. Do I now? You bet. Great writing, nice art. This was a real joy to read.
Rating: BUY IT

Mister X Razed #1 (Dark Horse)
The art and writing in Mister X are always great but its odd to have a Christmas story at the end of winter. Still, good 1st issue.
Rating: SKIM IT

Criminal Special Edition (Image)
Sure this is pricey, but so worth it! Awesome art as always, awesome story. Don’t miss this.
Rating: BUY IT

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