Ludicrous Speed ReviewsDescender #1 (Image)
This was far more complex that I expected, and I think that will make people criticize it more than they should. I love the art and I want to read more!
Rating: BUY IT

Neverboy #1 (Dark Horse)
Wow. Do not miss out on Neverboy. Loved this first issue. Really keeps you hooked and wanting more.
Rating: BUY IT

Project Superpowers: Blackcross #1 (Dynamite)
I don’t know if I care about any of this Project Superpowers stuff but this first issue was intriguing. Worth checking out!
Rating: SKIM IT                                                                         

HaloGen #1 (Archaia)
This is pure sci-fi excitement and entertainment. I want to know a lot more about what’s going on. This was a tough first issue though. I found it a little hard to follow.
Rating: SKIM IT

The Big Con Job #1 (Boom)
This is the Ocean’s 11 story we never wanted or asked for. Fine art. Dumb story. Save your money.
Rating: LEAVE IT 

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