THN RebirthYou may have heard us talking about the problem we’ve been having with our iTunes feed the last few months, or experienced it for yourselves. Unfortunately, it’s become pretty clear that there’s no way to repair those problems, so that means there’s only one thing left to do: a time-honored tradition passed from publisher to publisher through the decades, and now down to us: REBOOT!

We’ll be going on hiatus after Episode 273 and one more Answer of the Week. During our time off, we’ll be retooling the show from the ground up, from the music to the segments, and even our website. We also plan to start transitioning from PayPal to Patreon, where we’ll finally be able to give back to you for your years of support.

What this all means is that the feed you’re currently subscribed to will soon give way to a brand new feed where we’ll post the new shows going forward. When we announce the switch, you’ll need to subscribe to the new feed if you want to continue to hear THN in your earholes every week. PLEASE DON’T – (and we can’t stress this enough) – DO!!! NOT!!! unsubscribe from the old feed yet! We’ll still be posting content to the old feed here and there, including any announcements about the show, until the new feed is established! It’ll be a brief inconvenience for everyone and we’re sorry about that, but we hope that you’ll be willing to follow us to our new home.

In the long run, this will be a good thing for the show and our ability to grow and reach new listeners. We’re taking iTunes’ act of aggression as an opportunity to take THN to the next level. Everything you (hopefully) love about us is only going to get better. So stick with us! Like we said above, there will be at least (wink, wink) one more main show and Answer of the Week coming on the current feed. We’ll post the official announcement here and on the forums when the new feed and the Patreon page go live.

We realize that none of this is ideal, but we’re confident that the show will be back stronger in the long run. So thank you all for your love and support. We promise we’re not going anywhere.