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This week’s question was submitted by Phil Lee via the THN Forums. Hey Nerds! I recently had a dream where The God of Movies came to me and said (in a booming, Morgan Freeman voice) “There is a great unbalance in The Realms of Movies! I have chosen you, comic nerd, to restore balance! Now you must in turn, choose ONE title outside the Grand Trinity (Marvel, DC and Image- yes, it counts) deserving of translation! Personally, I’d love to see Jim Starlin’s ‘Dreadstar’ writ large, stuff Charlie Hunnam into hooded tunic and press GO! Alas, I am but the God of Movies, you now have the power! Choose wisely” It freaked me out and I feel pressured to have an answer when/if He comes back, but He STOLE mine right out of my dream! Help! I am open to suggestions!

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THN Cover to Cover 9/7/19






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