Superman Returns…FINALLY!

The Slack Issues SuperCrew has reunited one more time for this very special Post-Thanksgiving episode: the Grand Finale of our EPIC Death & Return of Superman 30th Anniversary retrospective! Who will live? Who will die? How does Steel make the mouth move on his metal face mask?! We examine all these questions and many more! Slap on your black onesie and tighten up your leg straps… It’s SUPER-MULLET REVIEW TIME IN THE ZIGGURAT!

Issues discussed: Action Comics #689,  Superman: The Man of Steel #24,   Superman #80,  Adventures of Superman #503,  Action Comics #690,  Superman: The Man of Steel #25,  Superman #81,  Adventures of Superman #504,  Action Comics #691.  Superman: The Man of Steel #26.  Green Lantern #46,  Superman #82.The Return of Superman TP

This Episode’s Soundtrack:

Godzilla March BreakBeat by DJ RX-78

Music For Ketamine Psychedelic Therapy 010 by Sarah Myers

There is Power In the Union, version by Utah Phillips

Japanese Spider-man Mix by DJ RX-78

All music in this episode is 100% free-use, royalty-free, or used with the express permission of the artist and or label, and all of those other fun words which means we didn’t infringe on any copyrights!


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#723: Back Issue Show: Slack Issues Holiday Special - The Return of Superman!